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Transition Guidance from Babcock LDP Teams

We know when children and young people move onto the next phase of their education or come to the end of their time in school that these transitions are particularly significant for all involved. Add on the impact of COVID over the past 18 months and we know that this year’s transition has the potential to be even more challenging but with careful planning and support we can all work together to achieve a positive experience for everyone.

We also know that there is a great deal of information and this can seem overwhelming so our teams have identified their key ‘go to’ documents to support everyone involved to find an easy starting point which can lead to further information for you to explore.

Take a look at our Transition webpage for general information, phase specific transitions and additional needs guidance.

"Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Please note that weeks without communications to schools are ignored and the links will go to the last week where a communication was made in this category."