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Sustainable travel and getting to school

Did you know that transport accounts for 30% of all Devon’s greenhouse gas emissions? That’s more than all of our waste, our industry and our farms!

The good news is that your school can become part of the solution. Encouraging students to travel actively to school, whether by walking, running or cycling has amazing benefits, not just for the environment, but for their health, wellbeing and productivity!

Travel Devon has a range of fantastic resources available to help your school encourage students to walk and cycle safely.

Signing up to national campaigns is a great way to get started, such as Living Street’s walk to school week, or national bike to school week.

If your school is interested in supporting Devon’s transition to net-zero, we invite you to join other schools in Devon and endorse the Devon Climate Declaration. Making a public commitment to supporting Devon’s net-zero goals is a great way to actively tackle climate change!


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