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Website Explained – Visitor/Staff Guide

Forms – Request Form

  • Title of Communication: Enter the title
  • Description: Enter text of no more than 50 words describing your communication
  • Of interest to: Select a specific sub category of a main heading i.e. KS1/2 in which your communication relates to, maximum of 3.
  • School type: This is the specific schools you wish the communication to be  headed for i.e  LA Primary,  LA Secondary, Academies
  • Purpose: This is where you can select from 4 topics, – For Action, For Information/Guidance, For Priority Action and To Cascade.
  • Reply by Date: (If you have one)This will appear in the scroll banner on home page if the reply by date is within 3 days.
  • Expire Date:(If you want your post to be marked as expired after a period of time so i.e if a course)
  • Service: Select the service area.
  • Communication Contact Name:(This is the name you wish schools to contact)
  • Communication Contact Telephone: This is number you want to be contacted to by the Communications team.
  • Communication Contact Email: This is the address which will be linked to the contact name on the post that schools can contact.
  • Authorising Manager/Senior Officer:Please complete this field with the person’s name who authorised the post.
  • Attach Document: Only PDF documents can be attached less than 1MB, if you
  • Or a link to the document it self  or Website.
  • Text in the box: Please enter the letters you see in the text box.
  • Disclaimer: Please read this and tick the box to say you confirm that you understand.
  • Then Click:send
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