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Website Explained – Visitor/Staff Guide

Communication Example

example of a published post

Above you will see an example of a communication.

a = Date Posted

b = Reply by date

c  = Purpose i.e for action, for information/guidance

d  = School type

e = Contact Name for post ( if you click on this, you will  be taken to their email address)

f = Of Interest to – This refers to who the communication post and what Subject/Area it refers to, this is no longer audience type as per previous form.(Please take this in to account when filling in the request form – what does your communication relate to? , i.e if payroll information , HR, etc.

g = You can click on either Download or view depending on whether you wish to view the attachment or download it. You can also see a website link if it is listed.If unable to view, the download option is the best one.

h = Description of Communication

i = Title of Communication


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