Devon Hong Kong Welcome Partnership


On 25 May 2022 we held our first Devon Hong Kong Welcome Partnership meeting at the St Sidwell’s Community Centre.

The purpose of the partnership is for statutory services, voluntary organisations and community leaders to work together to plan and review the delivery of the government’s Hong Kong UK Welcome Programme here in Devon.

Future meeting dates

Partnership membership

  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
  • Devon County Council
  • Exeter City Council
  • Exeter College
  • Exeter Hong Kongers
  • Learn Devon
  • NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Refugee Support Devon
  • South West Councils
  • St Sidwell’s Community Centre

Partnership action plan for 2023/24

The Devon Hong Kong Welcome Partnership has agreed its action plan for 2023/24.

Priority Task
Strengthen community relationships with emergency services and encourage the reporting of hate crimes or domestic abuse.
  • Focus on domestic abuse through community engagement and collaboration including voluntary sector organisations.
  • Maintain collaboration between all parties to enhance safeguarding opportunities.
  • Police and Fire Service to communicate through community meetings and diversity events.
  • Through neighbourhood officers, seek to further enhance community engagement (new for 23/24).
Promote learning routes, including English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).
  • Continue collaboration between local ESOL providers and maintain communication of local ESOL opportunities
Develop and promote employment routes for all arrivals with a view to avoiding future destitution claims.
  • Raise awareness with local employers about the benefits of a diverse workforce.
  • Understand and support the needs of 18-24 years.
  • Career pathway which reflects previous experience and expertise.
Promoting integration and hearing the voice of adults, young people and children.
  • Bring together Hong Kong teachers and UK teachers to improve understanding of educational context.
  • Gain insight into local perspective through surveys and questionnaires.
Better mental health for all (new for 23/24).
  • Help people with mental health needs to find support.
  • Promote positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provide evidence-based training that helps to encourage conversation about mental health and wellbeing.
Welcoming our new arrivals in Devon (new for 23/24).
  • Welcome assistance remains ongoing for previous arrivals from Hong Kong, but partnership will revisit materials or actions with new arrivals throughout 23/24.

Further information

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