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Exeter Cycle Strategy (May 2016)

Posted: 30 August 2016

Exeter Cycle Strategy (May 2016) – Impact Assessment


The Education Infrastructure Plan 2016-2033 (revised)

Posted: 30 August 2016

Impact Assessment for the Education Infrastructure Plan 2016-2033 (revised), including Strategic Pupil Place Planning and School Organisation – August 2016

Devon Independent Living Integrated Service

Posted: 30 August 2016

Devon Independent Living Integrated Service – June 2016 Impact Assessment

The impact assessment relates to the commissioning of an integrated community equipment service covering the above matters from a primary contractor to deliver:

  • Community equipment for adults, children and young people.
  • Specialist / non-standard complex equipment for adults, children and young people.
  • Minor adaptations up to a value of £1,000 for adults,children and young people (excluding grab rails which are delivered under a retail model in Devon).
  • Basic Speech and Language Therapy equipment.
  • Technology and Telecare equipment.

The improved service should benefit everyone equally. It will be easier for people to get the support they need to live independently. The new service will provide some speech and language communication aids. Improved communication, real-time tracking of orders and improved delivery time and flexibility from the new service will assist carers as well as service users themselves. There may be an impact on opportunities for supported employment that can be given by this service.

Development of a Cross-Boundary Strategy and Plan

Posted: 30 August 2016

Cross-Boundary Strategy and Plan Development

A new series of cross boundary planning and policy arrangements is occurring over three functional geographies: Greater Exeter: East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge (DCC is a partner); Plymouth and South West Devon: Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon (DCC is a key stakeholder); and Northern Devon: North Devon and Torridge (DCC is a key stakeholder – potential partner in the future).  Joint Plans are currently being prepared in each of these areas and will be statutory planning documents setting out long term planning policy.  The County Council’s involvement could ensure responsibilities for disability and  age-specific services (e.g. education, youth provision and social care for the elderly among others) will be better integrated into the planning process. The needs of gypsies and travellers across the county could also be better integrated.