Higher Bull Ring Heritage Action Zone Improvement Scheme Impact Assessment – December 2022

Cullompton Higher Bull Ring Heritage Action Zone Improvement Scheme – December 2022

The Cullompton Higher Bullring public realm enhancement projects proposed to be delivered as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone which has the following objectives, as set out in the original Delivery Plan agreed with Historic England:

•Enhance the heritage setting of the town centre;

•Reduce the dominance of motor vehicles;

•Provide an extended space for community events and cultural activities while providing a focus for civic pride.

The proposed changes include reduction in carriageway width to enable the creation of the enhanced public realm whilst remaining sufficient to maintain the current traffic flows, moving the bus stop south of the St John Court access, freeing up the setting of the War Memorial, realigning the pedestrian crossing slightly to reflect the new kerb alignments, and adjusting disabled parking bays to enable the offset pedestrian crossing to function safely. The market access will be designed to facilitate market days. The creation of the larger public realm allows for future market expansion.

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