Timeline of women elected in Devon

A purple triangle with the words Vote 100 at DCC in it. A banner containing the words celebrate, participate, educate goes across the middle of the triangle.

As part of Vote100 celebrations I have been compiling a list of women elected as County, Unitary and District Councillors and MPs in Devon.

The  information is in no way complete and has been very difficult to pull together, for example I had to go through every page in each County Council year book from 1931 to compile DCC’s list and then ask people if they could provide first names! But hopefully you will find this is a good start which may encourage further research into women’s representation in politics. Thanks to Dr Julia Neville and colleagues in the County, Unitary and District Councils for providing information.

Jo Hooper

Complete Timeline – Excel Spreadsheet (to view more tabs, click on the three dots at the bottom)

View the exhibition timeline (MPs and DCC) at WOW in Exeter Library 13th and 14th October, and at County Hall as part of our Vote100 events on Friday 14th December.