Devon Joint Declaration for Equality

This Declaration demonstrates our commitment to the achievement of equality and fairness for all people in the county.  We, the signatory organisations, recognise the importance and benefits of an equal society and will behave in ways that reflect an equal society:

  • An equal society advances equality by encouraging participation, understanding people’s different needs, disabilities, situations and goals and removing or minimising disadvantage and the barriers that limit what people can do and can be at any stage in their life.
  • An equal society upholds the human rights of everyone and works to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, and unfair discrimination.  It fosters good relations by promoting understanding and tackling prejudice.
  • An equal society values human diversity, recognising that diversity brings a range of skills, knowledge, values, styles, perspectives and ideas that secure Devon’s future as a place where people want to live, work and prosper.

The Declaration sets out a vision for the area and recognises the importance of equality and diversity. The Declaration is aspirational and aims to bring organisations together around some common goals and ways of working.  We will work together, publish objectives, factor equality into decision making, monitor progress and do what we can to achieve the following Vision of Equality and Fairness:

  • People can achieve their own potential and a good quality of life.
  • Everyone can access services, facilities or information.  Different needs are always taken into account.
  • There is public involvement and influence in decision making, planning, policy and service delivery.  People are consulted and listened to through wide, fair and effective representation.  There is a strong understanding of the diverse range of needs in Devon’s communities, their make-up and changing nature.
  • Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community.  There are good relations between different communities.  People are treated with dignity and respect at work, as customers, and in the community.
  • People have trust and confidence to report incidents of abuse or discrimination. Concerns are addressed.
  • Our workforce, at all levels, is supported and broadly reflects the diversity of the community.  There is fair pay and employment practice, equal opportunities to progress and develop, and access to flexible working and family-friendly arrangements.
  • How to sign up

    Send an email to confirming your organisation’s commitment.  This email must come from (or include within a forwarded message) the most senior person in the organisation such as a Director, Council Leader or Chief Executive.

  • Organisations signed up

    Since its launch in October 2012 at a Devon Strategic Partnership event, organisations in Devon have been invited to sign up to Joint Declaration for Equality.

    We would like to thank the following organisations who have signed up to date:

    1. Devon County Council.
    2. North Devon District Council.
    3. Torridge District Council.
    4. East Devon District Council.
    5. Exeter City Council.
    6. West Devon Borough Council.
    7. South Hams District Council.
    8. Devon Wildlife Trust.
    9. Devon and Cornwall Jobcentre Plus.
    10. Devon CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bureau).
    11. Devon and Cornwall Housing.
    12. Intercom Trust.
    13. Devon Faith and Belief Forum.
    14. NHS: Northern, Eastern and Western (NEW) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
    15. Devon Partnership NHS Trust.
    16. Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council.
    17. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.
    18. East Devon Volunteer Support Agency.
    19. Teignbridge Community and Voluntary Services.
    20. West Devon CVS.
    21. North Devon Voluntary Services.
    22. Action for Children (UK).
    23. EDP Drug and Alcohol Services.
    24. Teignbridge District Council.
    25. Mid Devon District Council.
    26. Seaswift House (Residential care, Seaton)
    27. Devon Communities Together
    28. E & JW Glendinning Limited
    29. Parent Carer Forum Devon
    30. DYS Space Ltd (Space Youth Services)
    31. CAP UK (Child Assault Prevention)
  • Who is covered by the Joint Declaration?

    This Declaration covers those characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race (skin colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin), religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.  It also includes other characteristics of gender identity, financial or employment status, educational background, family circumstances, physical differences, where someone lives or any other relevant status.  ‘Everyone’ and ‘People’ mean both transient and resident communities including asylum seekers, migrant workers, Travellers and Gypsies, international students and refugees.