Diversity Guide Introduction

This guide aims to accompany the County Council’s Equality Policy to provide further guidance on meeting the needs of diverse groups of people to reduce inequalities (advance equality), and ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

It can also be used as a checklist when carrying out Equality Impact Assessment of services and policies.

Whilst the guide aims to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible, it is not definitive and only intends to open minds to the kind of considerations needed in ensuring accessibility and anti-discriminatory practice. Good equality, diversity and inclusion practice comes from people who are:

  • curious and open-minded
  • self aware and reflective
  • conscious of bias (challenging assumptions)
  • respectful
  • inclusive
  • creative
  • clear communicators and
  • actively seek out under-represented groups and individuals to ensure diversity.

There may also be other factors that are relevant to your service, policy or practice. It’s therefore also important to have an understanding of the people who use your service / general population, or work for your organisation, by collecting and analysing diversity data and engaging with them to gather feedback and ideas. See our guide on Diversity Monitoring and our Engaging Devon strategy and toolkit for further information. You may also find our guidance on Debiasing the System and Acceptable Language useful.

The guide has seven sections:

Devon’s Population

Diversity profiles for age, disability, sex and gender, race/ethnicity (including languages), religion/belief and sexual orientation are available here.