Habitats and species

Most habitats in Britain are managed in some way to prevent them becoming scrub or woodland. Grasslands need grazing, heathlands need to be kept free of scrub and trees, ponds and canals need to be freed of excessive vegetation and woodlands can often be enhanced by introducing sunny rides and glades.

Working together as a community to enhance your local environment is not only good for the wildlife but rewarding for the community. By working together, planning, organising work parties and activity days you can make a real difference to your local environment, make new friends and have fun!

Whether your project is large or small, whatever you achieve will be a positive step forward. With communities across the County working towards a healthier environment the alarming declines in many wild animal, bird and plant species can be slowed and perhaps even reversed. We all have a role to play.

The topics listed (right) cover the habitats and species that are considered the most likely ones that communities, both urban and rural, may be able to help create, conserve or enhance.