Electricity substation

The funding will enable an upgrade to the electricity supply, in the form of a new electricity substation, to ensure that there is enough capacity for the proposed development.

Initial work has been undertaken to inform the most appropriate location for a new electricity substation, including a consultation on location options. The options within the consultation can be viewed in the substation consultation leaflet. Feedback has now been reviewed. For information on the responses received, please see the public consultation report. A detailed appraisal of the site options for the substation and information on the preferred scheme can be viewed in the Options Appraisal Report.

The preferred site has been identified as Matford Home Farm (site 2 within the consultation). This site has direct access onto the A379, facilitating construction and any future maintenance. It is also at limited risk of flooding. Whilst some concerns with this site were identified, it is considered that these can be addressed through the implementation of suitable mitigation including landscaping and noise buffers.

Work is now being undertaken to inform the design of the proposed substation; a planning application will be submitted for the preferred site in due course. To view the draft layout of the site, please view the Substation Layout Plan.

The layout of the substation has been informed by information provided by Western Power Distribution.  It is located on the western portion of the identified site to provide separation from the existing overhead cables, which must stay in place until the substation is built. The expectation is for the overhead cables to be relocated underground at a later date after the delivery of the substation.