Highway works

  • Four new signal junctions on the A379 are planned. This includes one to the east of the Devon Hotel and three to the west. Each new junction will provide access into the development site, with one of the junctions connecting to the realigned Chudleigh Road. The delivery of these junctions includes widening of the A379 to enable additional lanes to be included at the junctions.

    Eastern Junction

    The Eastern Junction is a new access junction to a development parcel between the Devon Hotel and Matford roundabouts. It unlocks two land ownerships and is currently being progressed to meet developer timescales. It is considered necessary for DCC to take an active role in the delivery of this junction given that it unlocks two landownerships and is on the extremely sensitive A379.

    At present, this section of the A379 is a four-lane road with limited facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. There are currently no crossing facilities near the Matford roundabout and the shared use path on the south side of this road is narrow. The scheme will deliver a new toucan crossing on the approach to the Matford roundabout to connect the south side of the A379 with the existing shared use path on Bridge Road and Matford Marsh. The existing shared use path on the A379 will also be widened where possible and the existing layby will be removed as part of the works. Furthermore, a new signalised junction will be created with a new side road to the south of the A379 which will provide access to the proposed development area. Please see the plan of the junction works for more information.

    A contractor has recently been appointed to deliver the scheme. The works are expected to start in July 2020 and it is anticipated that the scheme will be complete at the end of April 2021.

    It is likely that a contraflow system will be in place on the A379 between Matford and Devon Hotel Roundabouts for the majority of the construction phase. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimise disruption to the travelling public. There will be requirements during the programme for some overnight full closures and timings for these will be publicised in advance.

  • The existing Chudleigh Road has a junction with the A379. Vehicles using this junction have to cross a busy road and with the development planned, using this junction would become more difficult in the future. The road is therefore planned to be realigned and will have a new, signalised junction with the A379 further to the east. The junction is located close the existing bridge which goes across the A30, which means it is not possible to improve the junction without relocating it.

    The county council has been undertaking work to inform the design of the realignment. The principle of this piece of infrastructure is included in planning permission for the housing development, but will be subject to a new, detailed planning application in due course.

  • The southern spine road will link the different development sites to the south of the A379. There are three different developers in this area and the delivery of the road would help to unlock new homes in each of these sites.
  • A new roundabout is planned to provide access to the employment site close to the existing at Peamore.

  • Improvements are proposed to the existing ‘Devon Hotel’ roundabout. This will include an additional lane on the entry to the roundabout to increase its capacity.

  • Public realm enhancements are proposed for Alphington Village to include widening of footways, provision for cyclists and improvements to crossing facilities.

  • The School Access Junction is a new signalised junction on the A379 between the Devon Hotel Roundabout and the existing junction with Chudleigh Road. Devon County Council is taking an active role in the delivery of this junction as it enables the construction of a new school as well as residential development.

    Please see the plan of the junction works for more information. Facilities for pedestrians and cyclists across the A379 will be provided separately. It is proposed a pedestrian / cycle bridge will provide a connection across the A379 and is included within the Housing Infrastructure Fund project.

    Works tenders are currently being sought for construction of this new access. Additional details will be available once a contractor has been appointed, but the works are expected to last from Summer 2020 until early 2021. Full details of traffic management arrangements will be published in due course. At this stage it is expected that the works will involve similar traffic management to the Eastern Junction, with any closures necessary to take place overnight and be notified in advance.