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Babcock LDP – Closing the Word Gap – the challenge of our age (just published: English Blog)

Two things have come together for me over the last week.  Firstly, we have just run ‘Moving on with Vocabulary’, a conference where we have built on the work of schools in vocabulary development over the last 3 years. It was so exciting to see how far schools have come and how embedded the work is becoming across the whole school. The second thing was reading the Oxford Language Report:  Bridging the Word Gap at Transition, I am once again reminded of the scale of the challenge.

One thing is clear to me:  this is probably the hardest challenge we face in education if we are to stand any chance of levelling the playing field for children and now is the time that we need to re-double our efforts.

The key findings from the Oxford Language Report 2020 have led me to reflect on the work we have been doing in this area and moved me to put pen to paper to see if there is anything others could take from our work!

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