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English and mathematics support offer for 2022/23

The English and Maths teams are again providing an offer of support to all schools for 2022/23; this email provides details around this offer.

All elements on the English offer can be booked via the shop.

All elements on the mathematics offer can be booked via the shop.

For most of the offer, places for Devon maintained schools are heavily subsidised.

This includes:

  • support for leadership in both mathematics and English
  • professional development focussed on teaching and learning (content and pedagogical subject knowledge)
  • professional development focussed on learners (keeping up and closing the gap).

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our continuing termly Maths and English Subject Leader Meetings, packages for which you can purchase through the shop; we have included these in the offer attached.


15 June 2022


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