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Two new online learning courses to support deaf children in Early Years

Language, Listening and Communication in the Early Years

There are more children being diagnosed and fitted with hearing aids earlier resulting in increased numbers of Early Years children requiring specialist support. Many settings find themselves wanting to support these children effectively and are actively looking at options for their own awareness development.

This course will give you an overview of what it is like to be deaf and how deafness can impact on listening, spoken and communication skills, as well as social development.
Cost: £35 + VAT (duration approx 1 hour)

Find out more about this Language and Communication course.

An Introduction to British Sign Language for nursery staff and key workers working with deaf children age 3-5 years.

Learning outcomes:
• 60 BSL signs to get you started
• social and emotional language
• behaviour management

Cost: £35 + VAT (duration approx 2 hours)

Find out more about this BSL course.





21 May 2021

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