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AET Early Years Autism and Anxiety Training

This module on autism and anxiety will provide delegates with an understanding of what we mean by anxiety, how it appears in autistic children (CYP), what the key triggers are, and what supporting staff can do to support autistic pupils. It is designed so that the training can be delivered to staff working with different age groups and in mainstream and specialist school settings.

Training objectives:

  • demonstrate knowledge about how prevalent and impactful anxiety can be on autistic children
  • understand how anxiety can be transactional and appreciate we all have a role in reducing anxiety in Early Years settings
  • consider the toolbox of approaches that can be used to reduce anxiety and understand that the first step is to learn about the individual’s triggers and preferred means of support
  • understand that by reducing anxiety we can significantly improve a CYP’s ability to engage with their peers, as well as improve general wellbeing

Book Now: 31 March 2022


14 February 2022

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