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Traveller Pupils and Transition from Primary to Secondary

Are you aware of any Traveller pupils in your school that have not chosen or are at risk of not taking up a secondary school place or are considering Home Education?  Please contact us so that we can discuss support for the families.

Contact our GRTS Advisor: Cary-Anne Ginns,

We are able to support primary schools by:

  • Providing guidance to families on completing applications, what to expect from secondary school and how good communication can ensure families are comfortable with the topics being taught.
  • Supporting schools and families in identifying Travellers. Many may not realise they can register their ethnicity or are concerned of discrimination.
  • Providing ‘aspiration’ and ‘what to expect from secondary school’ lessons to Traveller pupils.
  • Working with Traveller families who are considering Home Education, to ensure they have the support.


1 February 2022

"Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Please note that weeks without communications to schools are ignored and the links will go to the last week where a communication was made in this category."