Criteria for the selection of members


It will be necessary for members to have interests from one or more of the categories below.

  1.  To be a user of rights of way, or to be involved in projects involving the rights of way network.
  2. To be a landowner, occupier or manager of land.
  3. To be involved with, or have an interest in, outdoor sport.
  4. To be involved in health and well-being issues.
  5. To be representative of young people, black and minority ethnic groups or other groups currently under-represented in using the countryside.
  6. To be involved in a tourist or other business activity that has an interest in recreational access.
  7. To be involved in aspects of transport, planning, nature conservation or other areas of expertise which have an impact on, or are affected by, rights of way, recreational access and sustainable transport.

Please note no formal or special qualifications are required.

Members should be enthusiastic and able to participate fully and constructively in the work of the Forum for a period of three years.

Key Qualities 

Members are expected to be:

a) motivated to work towards improvements in access to the countryside and green space
b) aware of the wide range of differing interests represented on the forum and the needs and aspirations of those groups
c) aware of recreational and functional access issues in rural and urban areas
d) able to participate in discussions and respect other points of view, with the aim of achieving a consensus
e) willing to consider compromises if there are differences of opinion between forum members
f) prepared to listen to presentations from outside speakers and to discuss issues raised
g) enthusiastic to represent all those with your interests and to network accordingly
h) willing to read documents and present a viewpoint