The definitive map and statement

The definitive map and statement is the legal record for public rights of way.

If a right of way is shown on the definitive map and statement, that is conclusive evidence in law that there is a public right of way as shown and that it has at least the status indicated, but without prejudice as to any question of additional public rights which may exist along it.

Each path is numbered according to the parish in which it is situated. The ‘working copy’ of the definitive map will be altered if the route of a path is changed or extinguished by legal order, or if paths are added or created by legal order or agreement.

The definitive statement is the counterpart of the map and is intended to clarify the position and sometimes the width of a path and to record any other details.

The definitive map cannot be purchased but you can view it at the Rights of Way office at Great Moor House, Exeter, during office hours, by appointment only. Please contact the Definitive Map Review Team at least two working days in advance. Phone 0345 155 1004 or email to make an appointment.

View the map online

The online version is a ‘working map’. It can be used for rough guidance and for leisure purposes, but do not rely on it without checking with us first. It is not the legal document and may be incorrect in small details.