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Apply now to be a member of the Devon Countryside Access Forum. The closing date for applications is 1st March 2024.

Devon Countryside Access Forum. A brief guide

Criteria for the selection of members to the Devon Countryside Access Forum

Application form for membership of the Devon Countryside Access Forum

If you have any questions please contact Hilary Winter, the Forum Officer, who can be contacted by email, mobile number 07837 171000 or landline 0345 155 1004. The application form and other details can be made available in hardcopy, different languages, Braille or large print on request.


The purpose of the application form is for you to provide the information necessary for Devon County Council to appoint new members to the Devon Countryside Access Forum.  Please complete the form in as much detail as possible so that we know why you want to be a member of the Forum, how you hope to contribute to its work and your aspirations for access to the outdoors. In appointing members, all applications will be considered with the aim to achieve a balanced Forum with a range of interests, knowledge and experience.  Members are appointed in their own right and not as formal representatives of interest groups.

Applications are welcome from people with enthusiasm or experience related to the work of the Forum, including those with interests in leisure/recreation; farming/land management; traditional countryside pursuits; nature conservation; history/archaeology; education; tourism; health and sustainable transport.  Applications are also invited from people who can represent the access interests of particular groups such as those with disabilities, young people and ethnic minorities.

Your area of interest

The Forum is a statutory local access forum which provides independent advice.  Legislation requires a balance in membership between three groups:

  1. members representing the users of local rights of way or access land,
  2. members representing the owners and occupiers of access land or land over which local rights of way subsist, or
  3. members representing any other interests especially relevant to the area administered by Devon County Council.

Background information

Before you complete this form you might find it useful to look at papers of previous Devon Countryside Access Forum meetings, Annual Reports, Position Statements and statutory guidance.

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