Inspections and maintenance

The Public Rights of Way Warden Team is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and enforcement work on the public rights of way, off-road cycleways/recreational trails and maintenance category 12 roads (these are normally roads that do not have a tarmacked surface).

The county is divided into 10 areas with a warden for each area. View the wardens’ areas on a map.

The network is inspected with the following frequency:

Public rights of wayEvery three years
Maintenance category 12 roadsEvery three years
South West Coast PathAnnually
Off-road cycleways/Recreational trailsAnnually

They are inspected against the Public Rights of Way Condition Criteria.

The wardens’ work is supported by the Parish Paths Partnership Scheme.

The majority of practical work is done using contractors that have signed up to the Maintenance and Improvement of Public Rights of Way Contract.

If you are considering improving the surface of a public right of way (for example, to make a route easier to drive along if you have private vehicular access rights over a public bridleway) then you need Devon County Council’s permission to do this. Please read, complete and return this application form. There is currently no charge for considering such applications.

Please note you are required to complete this application form and receive permission if you wish to install works (for example, a gate) on a public right of way.