Transfer of Employment function (Adult Social Care)

Transfer of Employment function (Adult Social Care) for disabled people to JobCentrePlus and others

Devon County Council is reviewing the full range of activities it undertakes in order to make best use of the local authority’s resources. Part of this review entails ensuring the County Council focusses on work for which it holds statutory responsibility.

The responsibility of Adult Social Care is to ensure that people’s employment needs are part of our care management assessment process, where appropriate, and then to link to the organisations and agencies who have responsibility for supporting people into employment. It is not the County Council’s responsibility to find employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The Department of Work and Pensions, Jobcentreplus and locally contracted supported employment providers are responsible for this.

The Council has being carrying out these additional duties and the decision is to now cease the employment lead service. This will directly effect the 2 staff members who will be subject to redeployment within Devon County Council.

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