Queen Street, Newton Abbot Pedestrian enhancements

Queen Street, Newton Abbot Pedestrian enhancements Impact Assessment

A package of proposals for public consultation have been designed to make Queen Street, Newton Abbot a more attractive, safe and healthy place for visitors and businesses. Proposals aim to make everyone feel safe and welcome, with more space for pedestrians to enjoy and access shops and services, cleaner air and less noise pollution. The removal of general traffic from the corridor is central to achieving transformational uplift for pedestrians and the public realm; general traffic will be removed west of Albany Street and restricted on some roads, as well as a proposed reduced speed limit of 20mph. Alongside this, pedestrian enhancements will be facilitated by significant public realm interventions:

  • Widened footways to give more space for pedestrians to move and access shops and services. This will also improve access for mobility scooters, buggies etc.
  • Improved crossings at side roads will make junctions safer and easier to cross, with priority given to pedestrians instead of vehicles. Safer crossings opportunities across Queen Street will also be provided.
  • Enhanced greening and seating will contribute towards making the corridor a more appealing shopping destination.
  • A new bus lay-by to improve the quality of an existing stop.
  • Parking reduction (approximately 55% across the scheme area), a small increase in disabled parking, and changes to loading bays.

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