Healthy Lifestyle Service (Public Health)

Healthy Lifestyle Service (Public Health) – 2019 Impact Assessment

The healthy lifestyle service is commissioned by Public Health in Devon County Council. It provides information, advice and support for individuals to stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, be more active and understand and reduce the harm from alcohol. 

The service is being retendered as the contracts are coming to an end and are not being extended. The service was previously commissioned as two separate lots, a holistic lifestyle service and a specialist stop smoking service. The new service will be commissioned to cover both aspects but is not fundamentally different.

Previous assessments:

Healthy Lifestyle Service (Public Health) – 2016 Impact Assessment

Re-commissioning and redesign of service, which includes a Specialist Stop Smoking and Harm Reduction Service.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 gives each local authority a statutory duty to take such steps as it considers appropriate to improve the health of the people in its area. These steps can include giving information and advice, and providing services or programmes to promote healthy living and reduce health inequalities. This is provided by the Public Health team. Public Health commissions a range of services and provides grants for other organisations (Providers) to run programmes to reduce health inequalities in Devon, one of which is the Healthy Lifestyle Service.

Our vision is to design and create a new innovative Healthy Lifestyle Service which is capable of connecting, empowering, enabling and motivating Devon residents who wish to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing to change their behaviour.

Our overall aim is to reduce premature deaths and reduce health inequalities in Devon.

A new online information source will be available to all people who can access information in this way, who were previously only given a ‘face to face’ offer of service. The aim is to commission a service which reaches 10,000 residents (twice the current level), increasing to 20,000 by the third year of the contract. This increased reach will be within existing resources thus providing a more cost-effective service.

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