Clearbrook to Roborough Multi-Use Trail – October 2022

Impact Assessment – Clearbrook to Roborough Multi-Use Trail

Devon County Council is committed to promoting walking and cycling by investing in new routes for leisure and commuter trips. This report assesses a newly identified preferred route for the proposed multi-use trail connecting Clearbrook Leat car park, Dartmoor to Roborough, Plymouth. This proposed trail heads west into Plymouth where the existing Drake’s Trail (NCN27) diverts to east to Plympton. Following further feasibility work and the period of public consultation in Spring 2022, proposals have been refined to identify a preferred route which remains on the east of the A386.
The preferred route (3.5km) heads southwest from Clearbrook Leat car park along the southern verge of Clearbrook Road. Before reaching the A386 the route heads south along an existing track and crosses Little Down Lane. The route then heads southeast around the SWW Treatment Works where it would run along an existing track along a byway/unclassified county road. The route crosses the SWW access road before turning back towards the A386 through agricultural land to reach Roborough.

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