Active Streets Trial Scheme

The Heavitree and Whipton Active Streets trial scheme will involve the installation of:

  • Physical modal filters, i.e., planters or bollards, which prevent the passage of all motor vehicles; and
  • Bus gates, which use signage to prohibit vehicular traffic (except for buses, emergency vehicles and certain other exempt classes of vehicle),

across the Heavitree and Whipton area. These will reduce traffic on residential streets and support local people who want to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle. All properties within the area will remain accessible by car, but residents may need to use different routes for some journeys.

Static maps providing an overview of local amenities and the modal filter locations are available below:

Road users unable to pass through the traffic filters may like to use the alternative routes shown in the maps linked below:

Please note, however, that these alternative routes will not be signed during the Active Streets trial. It is not proposed to modify permitted turning movements at any junctions, except for at the Commins Road/St Marks Avenue/Ladysmith Road/Park Road roundabout. Therefore, road users should heed all existing road signage on the local road network.

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For further details of the scheme, please see the dedicated scheme website.