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Guidelines for presenting work

Devon Local Authority has to determine whether the education that is being provided is suitable for the ‘age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs that your child may have.’  When we look at the examples that you present, we look at it in this light.

The first thing that we would like to know about is your philosophy of education.  There are many different approaches to providing home education.

For example, some parents/carers feel that their child will learn through experience, with the educator as a helper and guide, using the child’s experience as a basis for learning.  Other parents/carers choose to teach their children in a way that mirrors a school timetable, with subjects taught in a more formal way and with a clear syllabus that may include targets for their child to achieve.

The choice of philosophy is for you to make and may change over time.

Once we have an idea of your philosophy, it becomes your responsibility to provide examples that clearly demonstrate the suitability of your child’s education provision.

Some parents/carers provide this information in the following ways:

If you wish to present examples of your education provision in a way that is not represented here please feel free to call and discuss it with the EHE Professional Lead.

We shall be happy to add to the above list as new ideas are brought to us.