Devon’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

Education for young adults

This page contains some general information about colleges in Devon, university and continued education support for 19 to 25-year olds. You should explore all the options that are available to you to see what is best suited to your needs.

You may know that you are expected to stay in education until you are 18, but this doesn’t have to be at school or college. Other options for you to choose include, traineeships, supported internships and apprenticeships.

Further education options

Staying at the same school

You can choose to continue your education at the same school if it has post-16 provision. This can be a good option as the school will already know the additional support that you need and can continue to support you through the curriculum.

You can find information about all the schools that offer post-16 education including sixth forms in Devon. Specific information about each school’s SEND policy and SEN information support can be found on their websites.

Changing schools

You may choose to change schools for post-16 education or perhaps find a college course better suited to your interests.

All colleges should provide support to help students with SEND to complete their chosen course to the best of their abilities and some offer courses specifically designed for people with SEND.

For more information on the SEND support offered at each college, visit the ‘support’ pages of their websites. The support offered should be structured around the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ system to make sure that it is effective and tailored to you.

Higher education


If you choose to go to university we can share your Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) with your university (higher education provider). You just need to ask us to do that and we will share your EHCP within 15 days of your request.

University applications are completed through UCAS who also offers advice about what support is available to students with disabilities.

Disabled Students’ Allowance

It may be possible for you to get additional funding to support your studies through Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs). You can apply for a DSA if you live in England and have a disability that affects your ability to study.

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply for DSA.

Disability Rights UK has information on a range of topics relating to disabilities and further education.

Student finance

You may also be able to borrow money through student finance to help pay for university or college fees and help with living costs.

19 to 25-year-olds

All young people are entitled to education until they are 18 years old. All young people can access education between the ages of 19 and 25 through a further education college (adult learning courses).

Each further education college in Devon will have information about their adult learning courses and support available to access them.

If you have an EHCP and have not completed your education, or training goals as described in the EHCP before you turn 18 years old, you are able to continue on in education until the educational or training goals are met. This should be reviewed every year, based on your progress, and be discussed at your annual review.

Learn Devon

Learn Devon provides adult and community learning courses and supports people in learning new skills for leisure, returning to employment, improving their English and maths and improving their health and wellbeing. More information can be found on the Learn Devon website.

Useful information

The Open University is also another option for higher education.