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Devon’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

The Devon SEN 0-25 Team

Devon’s SEN 0-25 Team carries out Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessments and maintains and reviews Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) for children and young people with SEND.


These are multi-agency assessments of education, health and care. An assessment will:

  • establish and record the views interests and aspirations of the parents, child, or young person
  • provide a full description of the child or young person’s special educational needs and any health and social care needs
  • agree outcomes across education, health and social care based on the child or young person’s views and aspirations
  • specify the provision required and how education, health and care services will work together to meet needs and support the achievement of agreed outcomes

The SEN Team gets professional advice and information and brings it all together into an EHCP.

Maintenance and review

Once an EHCP is in place the special educational provision is secured by the SEN Team. This is either through a place at a special school or additional funding at a mainstream school. The schools are consulted with and agree to deliver the provision in the plan.

The school will hold an annual meeting to review the plan and the report of this meeting is sent to the SEN Team who will decide to either continue, cease or amend the plan.

If an amended plan is needed, then these are done with professional advice and information. Amendments can be needed because something has changed and the description of needs requires updating or because changes are needed to the specified provision required – which includes a change of school.

The SEN staff are divided into two teams; they will either manage assessments or EHCPs but there are different roles in each of these areas.

There are other parts of the SEN Team that don’t necessarily work directly with children and families but do support the team.

You can contact the SEN Team by calling 01392 380434 and you can check the current status of your assessment/review by using the Devon County Council EHC Hub.

What roles are there?

Area education commissioning officer

We manage teams and oversee the assessment process and reviews of EHCPs. We engage with parents, carers, young people, schools, colleges and professionals to provide the special educational support for children and young people in Devon and find the most suitable placements for their education.

We liaise with families, professionals, schools and colleges to make decisions about where a child or young person with SEND should learn.

We manage a team of staff who are responsible for assessments, issuing plans and the maintenance and review of plans.

We are responsible for managing any difficult situations that may occur or bringing them to the attention of SEN senior managers.

Area education officer

We will be the named contact point during an EHC needs assessment and then during the review decisions for an EHCP.

We draft plans and make decisions about the education provision required in an EHCP. We also work with schools, families, and other professionals to find the most suitable places for children and young people with SEND to learn.

We consider the recommendations made following an EHCP review meeting, again working with schools, families, and other professionals to make any amendments to the EHCP.

SEN area co-ordinator

We work with schools, colleges and other professionals in health and care to place and monitor children and young people in education.

We ensure that schools have the information and reports provided abut children in their schools and supporting them in issues raised about school provision.

We liaise closely with the area education officers and area education commissioning officers to provide support.

SEN assessment co-ordinator

We make sure children and young people go through the assessment and reviews as smoothly as possible and support the rest of the team in completing tasks on time. Our work involves chasing information and working with professionals across education, care, and health.

We will usually be the people who answer queries over the phone.

Who does what and where?

EHC Needs Assessment Team: develop the plan

Exeter, Mid and South Devon – postcodes starting EX1-EX7, TQ1-TQ14, PL6-PL21

Name Role
David Edmondson
Area Education Commissioning Officer (Exeter, Mid and South Devon)
Catherine Venn
Area Education Officer – TQ1-TQ6, TQ9, PL6-PL9 & PL19. TQ12 (Shared)
Janette Noerr
Area Education Officer – EX1, EX3 & EX4
Nicola Warburton
Area Education Officer – EX2 & EX5
Kate Lentern
Area Education Officer – TQ7, TQ8, PL15, PL16 & PL21
Julie Guest
Area Education Officer – EX6, EX7 & TQ14
Deborah Blackler
Area Education Officer – TQ10, TQ11, TQ13 &PL20, TQ12 (Shared)
Catherine Edwards
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Sally Bibby
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Richard Geare
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator

East and North Devon – postcodes starting EX8-EX23, EX31-EX39

Name Role
Gail Bailey
Area Education Commissioning Officer (East and North Devon)
Kate Williams
Area Education Officer – EX15, EX16, EX17 (Shared) & TA
Mackenna Stevenson
Area Education Officer – EX9-EX14, EX24 & DT
Steve Simms
Area Education Officer – EX8
Sarah Bickell
Area Education Officer – EX31-EX34
Alison Gill
Area Education Officer – EX19, EX21-EX23, EX37-EX39
Lucy Cator
Area Education Officer – EX17 (Shared), EX18, EX20, EX35 & EX36

Maintenance and review: look after the EHCP

North Devon – postcodes starting EX18-EX23, EX31-EX39

Name Role
Amanda Graham
Area Education Commissioning Officer
Andrew Payne
Area Education Officer – EX19, EX20, EX21, EX22, EX23, EX38
Jessica Powell
Area Education Officer – EX39 and all children at Kingsley
Harriett Pope
Area Education Officer – EX33, EX34, EX35
Gilly Clark
Area Education Officer – EX18, EX32, EX36, EX37
Angela Haysom
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Gemma Cran
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Nykayla Whybra
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Morwenna Griffiths
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator

East Devon – postcodes starting EX8-EX17, EX24

Name Role
Ryan Merchant
Area Education Commissioning Officer
Jane Martin
Area Education Officer – EX11, EX16, DT7, TA21 & TA22
Samantha Jones Griffen (Secondment)
Area Education Officer – EX8, EX13
Jacqueline Rundle
Area Education Officer – EX9, EX10, EX12, EX14
Rebecca Nutt
SEN Area Co-ordinator – EX15, EX17, EX24
Rebecca Moran
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Hazel Martin
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Katie Gilks
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Lia Eleftheriadou>
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator

Mid Devon – postcodes starting EX1-EX7, TQ14

Name Role
Kathryn Lake
Area Education Commissioning Officer
Emily Colley
Area Education Officer – EX4 (1-8)
Jonathan Duckworth
Area Education Officer – EX2
Nick Pinnock
Area Education Officer – EX3, EX5, EX6, EX4 (9)
Jo Mcdade
Area Education Officer – EX1, EX7, TQ14
Javeed Hanware
Area Education Officer
Melanie Alder
Area Education Officer
David Sanders
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Daisy Oshea
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Freya Macdonald
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Karen Bowden
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator

South Devon – postcodes starting PL5-PL9, PL16, PL19-PL21, TQ2-TQ13

Name Role
Kate Twelves
Area Education Commissioning Officer
Bethany Gibbons
Area Education Officer – TQ11, TQ12 (except primary)
Gillian Puxley
Area Education Officer – TQ13, PL5, PL6, PL20, PL21
Hayley Dymond
Area Education Officer – TQ2, TQ3, TQ5, TQ6, PL7, PL16, PL19, TQ12 (primary only)
Laura Merritt
Area Education Officer – TQ7, TQ8, TQ9, TQ10, PL8, PL9
Sally Bibby
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Michael Holding
SEN Area Co-ordinator
Helen Parsons
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator
Lucy Sugden
SEN Assessment Co-ordinator

Please remember that you can find out the contact details of the case officer and also key information about your case, by logging into the EHC Hub.

Other roles in the SEN Team

SEN data and resource

We manage top up funding for EHCP into mainstream schools, colleges, and special schools as well as budget monitoring of the High Needs Block.

We also monitor the data on EHC Plans and assessments, providing statutory returns to central government each year and manage the development of the SEN database that holds records of all our EHCPs.

Name Role
Carol Northey Data and Resource Officer
Sharron Elwell Data and Resource Officer
Nick Goodwin Support Officer
Sharon Parnell Support Officer
Jacqui White Support Officer
Sue Lewis Support Officer
Caroline Lamb Support Officer
Susan Eaglesfield Support Officer
Daisy-Rae Wynn SEN Support
Jim Whitehart SEN Support

Quality, planning and contracts

We manage the quality assurance of the independent schools and colleges in which the SEN team place children and young people. This involves ensuring there is legal contracts in place to protect the rights of children and families as the SEN regulations intended.

The quality of EHCPs is also our responsibility and includes working with health and care to improve the standards of the professional advice and reports that contribute to these statutory documents.

Tribunal and mediation

We will always try to resolve issues and concerns in assessments and reviews but sometimes we cannot reach an agreement about the plan and this may involve an appeal that is managed by the tribunal and mediation officers. They will seek to reach a resolution without the need for a hearing but for a small number of cases we do reach that point.

Name Role
Rebecca Holmes Tribunal and Mediation Officer
Katy Haynes Tribunal and Mediation Officer
Molly Hill Tribunal and Mediation Support

County-wide officers

Name Role
Sarah Miller Speech and Language Therapist
Sam Plumb Planning and Contracts Officer

SEN senior managers

SEND Senior Manager

Julia Foster: Strategic leadership of SEND in Devon

SEN Team Manager

Ailsa Barrett:

  • Management of staff within the EHC Needs Assessment and Maintenance and Review Teams.
  • Special schools placements and quality assurance.
  • EHC assessment and review processes including guidance and communication.

SEN Team Manager

Beatrice Beer:

  • Independent schools, contracting and quality assurance
  • Further education colleges, guidance, and quality assurance
  • Post-19 communications and processes

SEN Tribunals and Mediation Manager

Julia Foster

  • Local Authority tribunals and mediation
  • Guidance for the SEN 0-25 team on legal processes

SEN Data and Resources Manager

Gill Loman:

  • Budget Monitoring and SEN funding for all schools
  • Data returns and the SEN database
  • Complaints
  • HR/recruitment for the wider team
  • Special school place planning