Safety Inspections

We carry out regular highway safety inspections: roads, footways and cycleways are inspected according to their strategic importance. For more information please see our Safety Inspection Manual.

Carriageway Resurfacing

Our Maintaining Roads pages explain how we use our budget to keep our network in good condition.

In the ‘Progress on Works Programme’ section you can check for planned highway maintenance work on our interactive map.

The types of scheme shown on the map include capital expenditure for the current financial year such as resurfacing, patching, surface dressing, micro asphalt, joint or crack repair, high friction surfacing, drainage works and footway works.

An interactive map of Devon’s highway network including class and inspection frequency can be found in our Open Data pages.


Our Flooding and Drainage pages provide an overview of the drainage features associated with our network and the policies we have in place to maintain them. You can also find links to the following:

  • Our programme for cleaning gullies and sumps in the current financial year
  • Our programme for cleaning other drainage features (grips, easements and buddle holes) on the priority network.
  • Our ‘Parish Lengthsman’ programme for cleaning grips and easements and hand cleaning gullies on the minor network.
  • An interactive map of all Devon Highways drainage assets including buddle holes, catchpits, channels, culverts, ditches, easements, filter drains, fords, grips and manholes can be found in our Open Data pages.

Urban and rural grass cutting

Our ‘Grass-cutting pages provide an overview of our policies regarding grass-cutting, verge management and weed management. You can also find links to the following:

  • Our grass-cutting timetable
  • Our urban grass-cutting programme for this year
  • Our rural grass-cutting programme for this year
  • Information about grass-cutting in Mid Devon


Devon County Council uses a system, called is the largest single source of local road works information in the UK, publishing over 2 million roadwork records annually.

The application pulls information directly from our streetworks register, within which all statutory undertakers are obligated to notify us of all works they are undertaking affecting our highways.  Our own maintenance works are also readily available to view along with works on the highway being undertaken by private individuals and contractors.

How to set up an email alert for works in your area allows users to set up an email alert for a particular area of interest:

  • Go to
  • On the main page click on the email alerts icon on the left hand side of the screen
  • Complete the email alert selection detailing what information you require
  • Click on Set Alert

Reactive works

You can report and track many highway faults using our Report a problem page. Please ensure that you read the guidance carefully before making a report.