Children in Care

Education of Children in Care

Devon County Council is committed to achieving the best possible educational outcomes for its Children in Care as we are their ‘corporate parent’. In the spring of 2013 there were 693 in care, whether in a children’s home, with foster parents, or in other provision. The County Council decides where children in care should be taught to ensure they receive a good education and have a stable placement to support this. This is done jointly by the child’s social worker, and admissions or CSET if the child has a statement of educational need, with support from The Virtual School Team for Children in Care.

We have established a Virtual School Team for Children in Care to monitor all children in care. The Virtual Headteacher receives reports from schools about all children in care to ensure that they are doing well at school, and that schools are providing the best possible education and support for them. The Virtual School Team supports schools and social workers to achieve this. As 'corporate parents' we are committed to helping every child in care to achieve the highest educational standards he or she possibly can.

Schools are at the heart of providing a good education, they have responsibilities to provide additional support for children in care, and receive additional funding to enable this.

This Introduction to children's social care produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence is a simple guide.

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