Caseload management – Adult Social Care

What was the problem? 

The Arranging support team managed caseloads within Personal Care Provider Market, this has proved difficult, and poorly designed visiting schedules meant inefficient use of care workers’ time. 

What did we do? 

Since September 2019 a brand-new approach using Power BI dashboards has enabled the Adults’ Brokerage team to develop efficient schedules for care workers that minimise the amount of travelling time between appointments and maximises the number of appointments that can be conducted in one day. 


This approach has freed up several hundred hours of care with providers on the Living Well at Home framework. These hours would otherwise have been sourced outside the framework at an additional £4-5 per hour saving. 

 What did the client say? 

“The dashboard has reduced delayed transfers of care by allowing the team to pinpoint the most urgent unsourced packages”.