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British citizenship

To apply to become a British citizen please go to GOV.UK – British citizenship.

For advice on other matters such as visas, immigration or asylum please contact UK Visas and Immigration on 0300 123 2253.

Citizenship ceremonies

At the end of the process, you will be required to attend a citizenship ceremony at which you:

  • swear an Oath or make affirmation of allegiance to His Majesty King Charles III
  • pledge commitment to the United Kingdom
  • receive your British citizenship certificate

Group ceremonies are conducted by a Superintendent Registrar and are strictly by invitation only.

Devon’s group ceremonies take place at Larkbeare House and are attended by a local civic dignitary – for example, Deputy Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Chairman of the County Council, the Lord Mayor of Exeter or chairmen of district councils.

It is the attending civic dignitary who presents you with your British citizenship certificate.

The ceremony is followed by a gathering that affords a further welcoming opportunity for you and your guests.