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Birth certificates

Birth certificates can be bought from the registrar on the day of registration and cost £11.00 each.  

It is likely that you will need a certificate – for example, full birth certificates are required for first-time British passport applications. 

Find out how to apply for a copy of a birth certificate.

Correct a birth registration

If you wish to amend details or record new information on birth certificates you should first contact the registration office where the birth was registered.

You will be given advice on how to make an application and how much it will cost. If a correction can go ahead and be authorised locally it will cost £75. If the correction needs the authority of the Registrar General the cost is £90.

For more information about the types of corrections that can be made and who can apply see GOV.UK: Correct a birth registration.

You may record new or different forenames(s) in a birth record within 12 months of the date of registration. Please note that this will cost £40.00.

You may also add the natural fathers’ details where the parents marry, where a Declaration of Parentage is issued by the court and where a Parental Order is issued for a child born through surrogacy.