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Kayleigh Diggle of Liznojan Books in Tiverton is the first business to sign up to the scheme, pictured holding her certificate
Kayleigh Diggle of Liznojan Books

The Devon Positive about Breastfeeding Scheme is available to all Devon businesses, venues or organisations. In signing up you are giving a message of support to the community that you welcome baby feeding, especially breastfeeding. Businesses can choose to sign up individually or across a whole group of premises.

By signing up you promise to:

  • provide a positive attitude towards breastfeeding
  • ensure all employees and volunteers are aware of the scheme and read the Staff and volunteers guidance
  • display the Devon Positive about Breastfeeding certificate of commitment in your premises (if appropriate)
  • make sure all staff are aware of the law in relation to mothers breastfeeding in public and recognise that a mother is entitled to breast or bottle feed her baby in public and in neither case should be asked to stop feeding her baby in a place she is legally entitled to be

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Mother breastfeeding at a cafe

We’ll email you with confirmation that you have joined the scheme and will attach the Devon Positive about Breastfeeding certificate of commitment for you to display. 

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