The Devon Positive about Breastfeeding Scheme

In Devon we are positive about breastfeeding and we recognise that every parent – however they are feeding their baby, should be welcomed to feed in public.

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Mother breastfeeding her daughter waiting for the bus

Some parents can feel vulnerable and self conscious about feeding their baby in public. This is often made worse if they receive a negative reaction, particularly when a child is being breastfed.

The Devon Positive about Breastfeeding scheme aims to help parents feel supported when feeding their baby in public – however they are feeding their baby.

We will do this by supporting commercial, health and community settings to facilitate greater acceptance and encouragement of breastfeeding. This will help promote an environment where mothers feel comfortable and confident to breastfeed their baby in public.

Why do we need the Devon Positive about Breastfeeding Scheme?

Unlike many of our European and global neighbours, since the industrial revolution our society has become a bottle feeding culture. This leads to a huge inequality not only in the health outcomes within our society but also in our confidence to feed our babies when out and about.

Many people do not realise that discriminating against a woman who is breastfeeding is illegal in UK law. This can isolate parents and restrict them from leaving their homes. It also causes women to give up breastfeeding sooner, which we know impacts on health outcomes. This Scheme aims to give parents the confidence to feed their baby in public areas.

Watch this short video by UNICEF to find out why breastfeeding is amazing:

How can I get involved?

First business to sign up

The Devon Positive about Breastfeeding Scheme is available to all Devon businesses, venues or organisations that wish to sign up. These businesses can be public-facing (for example, cafes) or non-public-facing, and by signing up they are giving a message to their community including their staff that they are positive about breastfeeding. Businesses can choose to sign up individually or across a whole group of premises.

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