General update on works up to February 2023

The construction on the ‘Main Works’ widening are some two years into the programme. Most of the work to date has included the detailed design and clearance of vegetation. Other works that have progressed include the widening/lengthening of culverts and underpasses that are below the road and will allow the road to be widened. Some of this work has been constrained by seasonal restrictions.

The junction works at Landkey are well progressed and the new proposed roundabout is taking shape. Works at the West Buckland junction have started with some deep foundations for a new bridge comprising augured piles. At Borners Bridge junction the large box culvert has been extended both north and south, and the earthworks and drainage are about to start. Generally, current works mainly involves drainage throughout the site. As the spring and drier weather approaches, there will be a substantial amount of earthworks to complete before the carriageway can be widened.

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