Work started in spring 2021 and is due to be completed in spring 2023. The following schedule is subject to change:

Date Work starting
Spring 2021 Enabling works, site preparation and mobilisation
Summer 2021


Platform substructures – includes excavation of the foundations, piling and forming the concrete bases.

Bridge foundations

Autumn 2021

Platform superstructures – includes installation of platform cantilever beams, precast slabs, platform coping and litter guards.

Approach ramps – includes stabilisation of the existing embankment, construction of retaining wall to build up the new ramps, as well as laying kerbs, surfacing material and handrails.

Winter 2021

Footbridge installation

Platform finishes

Spring 2022 Platform accesses 
Summer 2022 Mechanical and electrical works
Autumn 2022 & Winter 2022/23 Access and approach ramp finishes along with testing and commissioning
Winter 2022/23 Construction work complete and bridge opens to public
Spring 2023 Station opens