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Fund title: Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Homes and businesses in rural locations can apply for vouchers to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable broadband when part of a group project

Application deadline:

The scheme will be open until all available funding is allocated

Fund description:

The UK Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme will provide micro grants of up to £1,500 for households and £3,500 for businesses in the hardest to reach rural areas (with current speeds of less than 100Mbps) to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable connections when part of a group scheme.

If you and your community are not included in any commercial rollout plans and you do not want to wait for your area to be connected through the government’s gigabit rollout, you can apply for UK Gigabit Vouchers.

Voucher funding can only be used through a broadband supplier registered to the scheme as part of a community broadband upgrade project. This is where two or more residents and/or SMEs get together to combine their vouchers towards the shared cost of installation.

A supplier may already be developing a project in your area or they may be able to develop a new project if there is enough demand in your community.

They will need to develop a project proposal to connect you and your neighbours, and then request vouchers on your behalf.  Funding is only committed when a voucher requested on your behalf has been approved by the scheme.

There is more information on the website about eligibility for the scheme including a postcode checker.

Further information: