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Devon’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

SEND road map 2019 – 2021

The SEND road map 2019-2021 highlights some of our improvements and achievements that have taken place since 2019.

The information contained in the road map PDF file is based around an illustration of a road with the improvements and achievements marked along the way in chronological order.

The details are split out into years, as follows:


  • Written Statement of Action published
  • Staff survey on local arrangements
  • SEND strategy 2017–20 workshops; Early Help Roadshows
  • Training by Independent Provider of Special Education Advice
  • Graduated Response toolkit launched
  • SEN Coordinator network meetings established
  • New Parent Carer Forum Devon (PCFD) launched
  • PCFD members join SEND Health Reference Group
  • Local Offer website co-reviewed for redesign
  • PCFD members reach 300
  • EHCP advice and guidance for special schools
  • Training for families and professionals on Autism at transitions


  • SEN pupil voice on School Councils (put the link to the Listen, hear and understand section on the LO)
  • Co-designed support for people on the Autism assessment pathway
  • Preparing for Adulthood offer developed
  • Advice leaflets for new to SEND parents/carers published
  • Speech, Language and Communication Universal Offer launched
  • PCFD co-facilitated short breaks engagement review
  • Induction training across all services
  • Co-produced Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process feedback form
  • EHCP hub launched
  • Regular CCG and PCFD meetings established
  • Engagement, advice and support on coping with COVID-19 rolled out
  • New SEND Designated Social Care Officer role established
  • Co-designed feedback surveys at key milestones in EHCP process
  • SEND and EHCP process training for Public Health Nursing
  • Parent Ambassador Programme rolled out with DiAS
  • Increase in support groups for parent/carers with children aged 0–8
  • Independence Toolkit co-produced and launched
  • CCG input into SEND training programme
  • Education ‘Who Does What’ guide published
  • CCG SEND Designated Officer team established across ICS
  • EHCP charter published
  • Workforce Champions for SEND in place
  • CCG SEND Annual report launched
  • Parent Carer Needs Assessment launched
  • Youth Forums established
  • Children and Family Health Devon Alliance Single Point of Access launched
  • SEND Transformation programme launched
  • 629 new special school places agreed


  • Decision to fully integrate services by in-housing the commissioned SEND support contract
  • Short Breaks assessment launched
  • CCG SEND practice feeds into wider health plans
  • SEND Strategy 2021–24 launched
  • Disabled Children’s Service represented in the MASH
  • Plan and investment to reduce Autism assessment wait times approved
  • New SEND service model co-produced and approved