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Get from A to B

Building a Devon where people can get around easily to do the things they need to do

Watch the video for Get from A to B: what matters to you?

We want to understand how easy it is for people to travel around Devon to do the things they want or need to do; and how our transport system supports economic development and growth.

We are looking closely at how we manage our roads, what influences decision making, where the money is spent, the different transport needs in different parts of the county, and where transport does and doesn’t work together and why.

Our transport team is learning how well the current system understands people’s health and education transport needs and building a detailed picture of how effectively we can meet needs. This will create an evidence base for the team to test better ways of doing things.

What we are doing

  • Sindhura: a learning experience within Devon Highways

    Author: Devon County Council

    Highways Asset Officer, Sindhura Karra, spent several days completing the Understanding stage of the Doing What Matters Work. This involved immersing herself in all aspects of the system to understand:
    What is the system?
    How does it work?
    How well does it work?
    Why does it work this way?

  • A transport team is working to understand how services currently work for families who want school transport and how different teams and processes work together. They will use this learning to identify opportunities to test new ways of working which meet families’ needs and reduce duplication and re-work.

    Transport team

    Author: wendy.wedgery
  • A highways team is testing a new way of working to understand the right thing to do on our roads. They are exploring a different approach which focuses on reducing unnecessary work and re-work.

    Highways team

    Author: wendy.wedgery