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How are we doing this?

We are using the six principles to transform the way that services are provided. We are working with our partners—including the NHS, District Councils and town & parish councils—to make changes that help people to live their lives well.

Leadership Charter

We will use our six principles to guide our work with other organisations. Digital technology is integral to the changes we want to make so that we can help people live their lives well. Our Leadership Charter describes how leaders will empower people. We want to use data and information to enable us to. understand how.

Smarter Devon

Knowledge and understanding are the basis of good decision making. We want to use information and intelligence to make better decisions.


We need a workforce which has the skills and experience to help people live their lives well.


Devon needs flourishing people and communities that are strong, kind, compassionate and safe. We want to identify, unlock and develop capacity within communities.

Digital Devon

Digital technology is vital to the way we work. We want to use it to help enable the changes that are being made.

Leadership in Action

Leaders at Devon County Council can all make a difference to help people live their lives well. We want to make sure that our Leadership Charter is being put into practice.