What are the plans for minor roads that are not a priority for the future programme?

It is evident through safety inspections and condition surveys, that there are many minor roads that would benefit from structural maintenance. However, for the foreseeable future the priority will be to keep busier roads in a serviceable condition with the limited resources available.

The Council will use reasonable endeavours to fulfil its basic legal obligation to keep all roads that are maintainable at public expense in a state of repair that allows for the reasonably safe passage for all normal ordinary traffic using the road. This essentially means that individual safety defect potholes (holes greater than 300mm wide and 40mm deep with a vertical-edge) will be programmed for repair in accordance with our policy, when the authority becomes aware of them.

In extreme cases we may need to close sections of road temporarily or if possible permanently if alternative access to property is available, to protect the safety of the travelling public.

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