Am I liable if I do some work on the highway under your self-help scheme?

If work is being taken under the supervision a trained warden appointed by the parish or town council as part of our Road Warden Scheme. In the unlikely event of a claim being made, Devon County Council will cover the public liability aspect of insurance for voluntary maintenance work undertaken on or in the area of the public highway or footway, providing that it is undertaken in a safe manner according to Devon County Council’s advice. This, for example, would cover any claims by third party as a result of the maintenance works, which the County Council would defend if those maintenance works were carried out in accordance with DCC guidance.

Devon County Council will not provide any other form of insurance cover for maintenance activities which must be undertaken at the volunteer’s own risk. So, for example, any damage to one’s own person, property or vehicle would not be covered. If vehicles are to be used (e.g. farmers using tractors) then they must ensure that the vehicle is suitably insured for such activity – if in doubt, owners should check with the vehicle’s insurer. If a community group considers that further insurance cover is required, then this should be sought from their own insurance company.

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