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Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community

Posted on: 25 July 2016

With a small number of seemingly racially motivated incidents being reported regionally and nationally, the County Council recognises the ongoing and key role it has to play in helping to foster good community relations and to work with partners to ensure that Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community.

Devon County Council is currently one of 23 organisations across Devon who have signed Devon’s Joint Declaration for Equality.

This Declaration demonstrates our shared commitment to the achievement of equality and fairness for all people in the county.  Devon County Council recognises the importance and benefits of an equal society and we are committed to working with people and communities to ensure:

  • People can achieve their own potential and a good quality of life.
  • Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community.  There are good relations between different communities.  People are treated with dignity and respect at work, as customers, and in the community.
  • People have trust and confidence to report incidents of abuse or discrimination. Concerns are addressed.

Cllr Barry Parsons, Cabinet Member for Performance and Engagement, outlined: –Devon is a caring and hospitable place and has a long history of welcoming people from a range of communities and faiths. We are fortunate to have strong and supportive communities across the County”

“However, Racism and xenophobia have no place in our society. We take any examples of hate crime extremely seriously and will see that the appropriate action is taken to deal with it.

“I have every confidence that all Members of this Council view such matters in the same light.”


Identifying and tackling Hate Crime

Everyone needs security, confidence and respect to live their life to the full. We all have a right to live our lives in peace and with dignity at home, at work or in the street.  To help ensure that everyone is safe, Devon County Council works closely with the police and other agencies to raise awareness of hate crime and encourage reporting.

We recognise that prejudice related crimes and incidents cause a great deal of suffering for victims, and for their friends and families, as well as undermining cohesion in the community. We are committed, through the Safer Devon Partnership, to tackling the problem of prejudice and hate crime across the whole county.

Reporting Hate Crime and Hate Incidents

Devon and Cornwall Police encourage reports of all hate incidents and hate crimes and are keen for these to be reported at the earliest opportunity.  The Police urge communities, key networks and independent advisors to work with them to report incidents and ensure that anyone who may be a victim of such unwanted behaviour will receive the help and support they need.

To report an incident or crime you can use the following routes:

  • Emergency

Telephone: 999

SMS/Text: 999 – if you are Deaf/hard of hearing or speech impaired


  • Non Emergency

Telephone: 101

SMS/Text: 67101 – if you are Deaf/hard of hearing or speech impaired

Complete an online form at

To make a ‘third party’ report visit

You can also report in person at any police station.


Other ways of reporting

Call 0800 138 1625 – 24 hour helpline from Stop Hate UK (coverage includes Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly policing area).

  • Contact Victim Support on their national helpline 0845 30 30 900.
  • Contact Victim Care Unit by visiting their website.
  • To report racist incidents you can contact Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council (PDREC: Tel: 01752 224555) or visit their
  • To report homophobic or transphobic incidents you can contact The Intercom trust – Phone: 0845 60 20 818 or visit their

Too many hate crimes go unreported, leaving the offenders free to commit similar crimes again, whether against you or other members of our community. We understand that you might feel nervous about reporting it, but your information is vital to help us eliminate hate crimes.

Even if you don’t want it to go to court – please report it.

Even if you don’t want to give your name – please report it. You can remain anonymous if you want and give as much or as little information as you wish. What you tell us will help to provide a true picture of what is happening within our community.


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