Why have we introduced this?

Poorly planned roadworks cause:

  • delay and disruption
  • additional costs
  • environmental impacts
  • noise
  • impact to public image

A permit scheme supports DCC in our legal duties to coordinate works and reduce disruption.

Improved coordination of roadworks by implementing the DCC Permit Scheme with result in:

  • improvements to overall network management
  • reduced congestion on the road network
  • improved journey time reliability
  • a reduction in costs to local businesses caused by delays
  • the improved general quality of life, particularly for residents
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions and levels of noise
  • improved customer satisfaction

Works will always need to be carried out by promoters, but residents and local businesses will likely be more understanding if they perceive that the activities are being regulated by DCC and promoters in ways that minimise impact.

These quality of life factors are particularly pertinent when roads and street works are in residential areas.

Incentives will be offered to works promoters to work together and with DCC to enable well planned, organised and safe road works. This could include discounts and early approvals.

Department for Transport (DfT) directive

DfT requires all local authorities to have a scheme in operation by April 2020. For more information see the Traffic Management Act 2004.