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Why do we want to do this project?

We want to have the right information to make the right decisions

Good decision making relies on good information. By ensuring our data is accurate, well-managed, accessible and usable we create opportunities for it to be used to help us do the right things, target our resources well, and deliver the right outcomes. (Devon County Council Digital Strategy)

We want to demonstrate how well we are doing as an organisation

Dr Virginia Pearson, our project sponsor and Devon County Council’s Chief Officer for Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity, talks about why data and intelligence is so important.

We want to build the best Digital Services

Accurate and usable data are the building blocks to creating and delivering excellent Digital Services.

Councillor Barry Parsons, Member with responsibility for Organisational Development, talks about why getting Digital right is so important.

Devon County Council is made up of different teams delivering different services, and at present we don’t have a complete picture of the tools, skills, systems and even data available to us.

What we do know is that there is some really excellent work happening in this organisation. We want to work with staff from every service area to understand what works well and what needs to improve.

By sharing good practice we can get more from our data, information and intelligence. By sharing innovation we can ensure we don’t stand still, but continue to make the best use of our data to make the best decisions – for individual services, for Devon County Council as a whole, and for the people of Devon.