Secure Server

When you enter the secure area of our web site you will see a padlock or key icon appear in the lower left corner of your browser window.

When we ask you to send sensitive personal information via the internet we do so using a secure server to protect your privacy.

We use a Digital Certificate and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to provide a secure communication channel between our web server and your browser using https.

A Digital Certificate is similar to an electronic passport which has been issued to Devon County Council. It proves we are who we say we are so that you know you can trust us with your information. You can click on our digital certificate to verify this.

SSL is a standard supported by major internet browsers and ensures that information is protected using encryption. Encryption means taking original data and converting into coded data so that it is unrecognisable as it travels across the internet. For a transaction to take place securely your browser must support encryption.

Network security

We operate secure data networks that are protected by a firewall. Both the Council and our partners have security measures in place to attempt to protect our website against the loss, misuse and alteration of personal data that is under our control. The security of the Council’s network is audited annually as part of the Public Sector Network (PSN) accreditation process.

Information that you supply to us is restricted to only those staff that need access to this information for their jobs. We have a robust data protection and information security policies in place to help our staff to ensure all personal data is handled professionally and in accordance with the law. Our staff are also required to undertake regular data protection training.

Virus Protection

While we make every effort to check material hosted on this website, it is always wise to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur while using material derived from this website.

People who email us

Any email sent to us, including any attachments, may be monitored by the Council. Email monitoring or blocking software may also be used to protect the Council’s ICT Infrastructure against viruses and other forms of malware. The Council has a robust cyber security infrastructure in place to ensure that our network and the information assets managed as part of it are secured from cyber threats.

Reporting security incidents

We have a responsibility to monitor all incidents that may breach security and/or confidentiality of information. In the interest of maintaining strong security protocols, the council encourages all staff and members of the public to bring to our attention, incidents involving the loss of personal or sensitive business information.

If you have lost or found such information, please let us know by writing to or phone 01392 383000 and ask for ‘Keep Devon’s Data Safe’. Please include your name and contact details so that we can contact you again if necessary.

Any personal data that is collected via this process will be kept secure and will only be used for the purposes of investigating the specific concern raised.

Accessing our network

Due to the ever-increasing threats around cyber security, the government has mandated that it is no longer safe enough to access government systems and information from IT devices which are not controlled and managed by a government department or other public body such as local authorities.

There are government security requirements which Devon County Council is expected to meet.

If we do not comply we may be disconnected from the Public Services Network (PSN).

This is not an option for the Council, as the PSN enables a number of customer-facing processes, as well as allowing us to share information securely with other agencies.

The main requirement is that we must ensure that anyone accessing our IT systems and data is using a managed – council owned and operated – device. If you represent a supplier or partner organisation with an agreed requirement for accessing Devon County Council systems, but do not have access to a device that is managed by us you must sign and return the PSN Agreement.

If you are not able to accept the conditions of the Agreement you will be unable to access our IT systems.

Any questions about the technical content of the document should be emailed to in the first instance.

Please return the signed agreement to:

Devon Procurement Services
Devon County Council
Room 120
County Hall
Topsham Road

Telephone: 01392 383000

Or by email: