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Will you continue to wear face coverings?

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Talking to BBC Radio Devon’s presenter, Gordon Sparks, this morning, Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon was asked, now that face coverings are not mandatory, will he continue to wear one?

He said:

“The message is still to be cautious.  I will certainly be wearing a face covering when I go shopping next or sit on a bus or go to a cinema.

“The rates are still very high. I have family who are vulnerable and I want to protect them. So I will be doing that, and I would encourage everyone just to think about their own actions.

“If they are going into a high risk setting, for example going to see their grandparents, then it is advisable to take a test and just think about the actions they are taking to protect others.”

Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon
Steve Brown, Devon’s Director of Public Health